About Stroman Insurance Advisors

Stroman Insurance Advisors is a Health Insurance Agency specializing in plans for individuals & families, Medicare beneficiaries, and small businesses.

Our Promise to You

Your Freedom of Choice

As an independent insurance agency, we partner with all major insurance companies. This allows us to shop the market on your behalf to ensure you get the right policy at the most competitive price. Once you speak with one of our agents, you’ll get a comprehensive comparison of all available options and a recommendation from us. When you are ready to apply, we’ll take care of everything. From facilitating the application process to ensuring the policy reaches your doorstep, we’ll hold your hand the whole way.

Unwavering Commitment to You

Our mission is to help each customer find the right Health Insurance insurance policy. We have several insurance companies to choose from, but we’re not beholden to any one of them. Our only goal is to ensure you get the right plan at the best price with whichever insurance company suits you best.

Service with Dignity

Respect is at the heart of our sales process – a non-negotiable requirement for each of our agents. Our licensed insurance brokers are salary-based (not paid on commission), friendly, and care about your experience. We truly enjoy being able to answer all your questions, give you quotes, and help you find the right plan. At Stroman Insurance Advisors, everything is done on your terms.

Our Recommendation Process

When choosing between Health Insurance plans, there are those with guaranteed approval and no health questions, and those that require you to answer health-related questions to determine your eligibility.

There is a big difference between these two types of plans:

  1. No health questions: Approval is guaranteed, but pricing tends to be higher and networks can be smaller. In some cases these plans can be subsidized by the government, bringing your cost down considerably.
  2. Has health questions: To be eligible, you must answer all health questions on the application. The insurance company also analyzes your medication history. Your eligibility and coverage entirely depend on your health conditions. There are some exceptions that allow you to bypass health questions on these plans’ applications.

When you contact Stroman Insurance Advisors, our experienced insurance brokers might discuss your health and other circumstances. This lets us to explore which types of plans make sense for you and which insurance companies can offer you a plan, aligning with your budget and preferences.

Our recommendations factor in various considerations, including cost, ease of application process, network coverage, and overall service quality. We’re dedicated to helping you make an informed choice that suits your unique needs.

How We Make Money

We Don’t Charge for Our Services

You pay no out-of-pocket fees to work with us. That goes for consultations, quotes, and ongoing services as long as you have a policy in-force with us as your agent of record.

We Earn Commissions from Insurance Companies

When you purchase a plan through us, we are paid a small commission from the insurance company you chose. In the eyes of the insurance company, brokers like us are a marketing tool. To that end, much of their marketing budget is spent on commissions when brokers sell their products.

Commissions Are Similar Among Most Insurance Companies

In the Health Insurance industry, most insurance companies pay roughly the same commission amount. Any differences are small—maybe $50 or so per year. We don’t adjust our recommendations based on who pays more. It’s more important to us that our clients are happy with the company we recommend and remain a long-term client. It’s also more lucrative for our business.

Contact Stroman Insurance Advisors

We want to hear from you. We welcome questions, suggestions, complaints, and inquiries about finding the right Health Insurance plan for you.

You can reach us in a variety of ways:

Phone: (404) 595-4740
Email: info@stromaninsurance.com

Or visit our contact page for all the ways you can reach us.

How Our Process Works

We're ready to help. Even if you don't know where to start or aren't ready to enroll, we can get you on the right track. Our services are no-charge.
Step 1

Schedule your consultation

Call us at (404) 595-4740 or schedule a no-cost appointment on our website.
Step 2

Speak with an advisor

We'll talk about your needs, budget, and answer your initial questions. Then we'll prepare quotes and a recommendation for you.
Step 3

Enroll in your plan

When it's time to enroll in a plan, we'll help you complete the application. Once you're enrolled, you're entitled to our services year-round.