Original Medicare vs. Medicare Advantage

Most Medicare beneficiaries choose 1 of 2 options for their coverage: Option 1: Original Medicare + Medicare Supplement Insurance (Medigap) + Part D Plan Pros: Cons: Option 2: Medicare Advantage (Part C) w/ Part D included Pros: Cons:

Parts of Medicare

There are 4 main parts of Medicare While it’s helpful to know what they are, it’s more important to understand your coverage options instead: 1) Original Medicare with a Medicare Supplement or 2) Medicare Advantage.

How to Apply for Medicare

Applying for Medicare has 2 fundamental steps Step 1: Sign up for Medicare Part A and Part B This is done via the Social Security Administration either online, by phone, or in-person. Part A and Part B combine to form Original Medicare. It covers a considerable amount of healthcare services, but it leaves you on … Read more

Change Medicare Supplement Plans

Rates went up again? See if you can change your Medicare Supplement plan. You can change Medicare Supplement plans anytime you want as long as you’re healthy enough to satisfy the underwriting requirements of the particular insurance company you apply with. So, best case, if you get an unreasonable rate increase one year you can … Read more

Burial Insurance in Georgia

Buyer’s Guide: Burial Insurance in Georgia Burial insurance (also called final expense life insurance) is a small life insurance policy, usually less than $40,000, that’s meant to cover funeral costs, medical costs, and any debts left behind. These plans are designed for seniors on a fixed income who want to protect their families from having … Read more

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